3rd Party Recruiters: This method usually creates the most frustration for executives looking to switch careers. They can expect approximately 15 barriers, and only 10% land jobs using this method. Often, they are reaching for the unobtainable gold cup.

Job Postings: Here, our executive stands in a pile of rejected resumes. They can expect approximately 12 barriers, while only 13—15% land jobs using this method. Often, their sent resumes end up in a black hole, sometimes because of ATS tracking systems.

Direct Introductions: Executive job seekers can narrow barriers to one tall wall. An interview or two may be the result when using this method.

LinkedIn Analytics: Executives can shorten job-seeking barriers by reverse-engineering the DNA within their LinkedIn profiles. Decision makers are more likely to select them from shared professional commonalities.
Social Capital: Decision-makers are more likely to hire a person they already know rather than a total stranger. Therefore, there is only one short barrier to overcome.

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